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Are your eyes bothering you? Blephadex can help.

If you’re suffering from itchy, burning, red, dry eyes, Blephadex can help. Trusted by doctors and eye care professionals, our eyelid wipes provide powerful relief naturally with our patent pending blend of tea tree and coconut oils.

Blephadex Eyelid Wipes

Blephadex™ is an effective non-prescription solution for itchy eyelids, Blepharitis, and Demodex mites. For a limited time, you can try your own 30-day supply for free- all you have to pay is shipping and handling.

  • Specifically designed with our patent pending blend of coconut and tea tree oils that is scientifically proven to give quick relief and kill Demodex mites naturally
  • Soothes and cools while disinfecting your eye area, doesn’t burn or sting the eyes
  • Reduces eye redness and “eye gunk”
All Natural Organic Solutions

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Demodex Mites Treatment

Blephadex is one of the best non-RX products I have used for patients with red, itchy, burning eyes. When patients present a history of red, itchy eyelids and chronic eye watering, my first thought is demodex. A quick one month treatment with Blephadex typically results in a substantial improvement of these symptoms."

Dr. Ben Gaddie
Louisville, KY

Five Stars Salon Review
Demodex Mites Treatment
"My best treatment regimen for itchy, burning eyes? Blephadex! Blephadex has been a great compliment to the management of my blepharitis and demodex patients. The combination of the coconut oil and tea tree oil is soothing, effective and non-irritating to relieve that persistent itch in my most sensitive of patients."
Dr. Marc Bloomenstein National Optometric Leader Scottsdale, AZ
Five Stars Salon Review
Demodex Mites Treatment

I’m an executive in the eye care industry and just learned demodex mites were causing my red, itchy eyes. With human infestation of these 8-legged mites nearing 40 million people in the U.S., I’m just thankful my eye doctor recommended Blephadex. Quick, soothing, affordable...with one wipe!

Houston Landry
Plano, TX

Five Stars Salon Review
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